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LUNADA (thumbnail) MADRE DE LOS RIOS (MOTHER OF THE RIVERS) (thumbnail) BREAKFAST (thumbnail) LANDSCAPE IN JOCOTEPEC (thumbnail) MARIACHI ROCK 11 (thumbnail) MARIACHI ROCK III (thumbnail) MARIACHI ROCK IV (thumbnail) CALLE HIDALGO (thumbnail) EL CASTILLO (thumbnail) BAILE MEXICANO (thumbnail) BOCA DEL RIO (AT THE MOUTH OF THE RIVER) (thumbnail) ECSTASY (thumbnail) UN CAFECITO (A LITTLE COFFEE) (thumbnail) Angels, SJC (thumbnail) TRIO LOS VOLCANES (thumbnail) The night rider speeds through the coming light of dawn (thumbnail) GURU (thumbnail) Muse (thumbnail) Untitled (thumbnail) Untitled (thumbnail) RED DRESS II (thumbnail)
LUNADA (large view)
A reduction print in 8 colors. Depicts the campfire after a romantic ride into the mountains under the full moon.
16" H x 20" W
Price: $375.00